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The Back Walls

A big difference in the padel game from tennis is the back wall. This wall can be used during the game and this is the spice-it-up part of padel.


Because of this, it is important that you get comfortable playing the ball after it hits the back wall. Similar to the forehand and the backhand, you take your racket back to you, turn your shoulders and get a nice sideways position. The second step is to move back with the ball as it’s going back to the glass and then when the ball has past you, you move forward towards the ball and swing through it.

The biggest difference is that you should move back with the ball when the ball is about to hit the back wall, if you do this, you’ll be more able to get a controlled shot and put your opponents under pressure again. Just a little step back and a little step forward will get your body in position to hit the ball as controlled as possible.

One of the biggest mistakes we see is that people do not move backward in order to get their bodies in the right direction for the ball. They end up hitting the ball behind themselves or scooping it up, and this gives them less control over their swing. If you move back and forward with the ball, you’ll have much more options to play the ball back.

If you move back but then not go forward with the ball again, you are not able to get the full body swing in the ball. Therefore it is important that you move back and forward with the ball in order to get a nice swing to get the ball to your opponents. If you do not step forward, the only option you have to hit the ball back is with your wrist, this should never be the goal when returning the ball.

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