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What is the best way to approach the net?

Players understand they need to move forward up the court, but what is the best way to approach the net? In this video Sandy discusses with Manu Martin from Mejora Tu Padel how to move forward. They also offer some great insight into how the professional players think, but also how you should be planning to take the net position! Methods There are three methods about how to come forward. All of those balls are focused on slowing the ball down. The ways to come forward are:

  • Fast lobs

  • Chiquita’s

  • High lobs

If you play one of those balls, you also need to avoid No Man’s Land (this is the area between the second post and the service line). Professional players often end up in No Man’s Land. This is because:

  • They taking time away from their opponents

  • They are quicker on their feet

  • They reposition while the ball is travelling (also a tip for any other player to improve your game!)

Movement The importance of your movement is to know when you need to stop. When is the moment to stop moving forward to the net. The right moment to stop is when your opponent is about to contact the ball. If you stop, do not forget the split step. Choosing a method Which method you are going to choose depends on the communication with your partner. Communication is the key, but not just during a point. You need to communicate before the match and between the points/sets as well. Be predictable to your partner. Your partner needs to know which shot you are going to play so he can adjust his movement as well.

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