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Improve your positioning during a padel match

When you’re in the back of the court, you always want to stand on the same line as your partner. The ideal position is one step back of the serviceline and two steps back of the side of the field. This is the starting position when you’re about to hit a return and also when you’re opponents are coming towards the net, you always want to stand on this position. You’re partner is somewhat on the same spot, but then on the opposite side of the field.

When you’re at the net, you can use the 3 poles of the fence as your reference for where to stand. If you’re about the hit a volley, you can stand on the same height as the second pole. From this position, you’ll be able to take a step forward or backwards according to the ball you’re opponents are playing. One of the major problems with the net position, is that people are usually standing too close to the net. Because of this, people are more likely to get outplayed by a lob. In the video you can see that someone can easy outplay you when you’re too close at the net.

The padel players of the World Padel Tour are less focussed on this way of positioning, but this article is mainly focussed on the basic position tactics in padel. If you’re getting a bit more advanced, you should try and pick your position based on your opponent’s position. But if you try and think of the basic positions in the beginning, you’re game will improve immediately!

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